Who We Are

Repertory Arts, is a multimedia repertory organization in the Black community of South Los Angeles. Our goal is to instill passion, and excite the community about Art and our shared History, with the goal of inspiring and healing generational and intergenerational trauma through various Artistic forms of the Arts.

Jon Johnson, 1950-2002

Joel Talbert


Jon Johnson and Joel Talbert founded Repertory Arts in 1981. The Company’s roots originated from an after-school Government Funded Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) program in 1979, and was implemented at the historic Ebony Showcase Theatre. The CETA program's concept was to give area youth summer jobs that would provide only temporary needed economic benefit. The summer CETA program ended, and Repertory Arts was founded out of a hunger the community had to create a permanent dance company. Repertory Arts began as a Dance company and grew into a multi-disciplinary Arts organization.

Mayor Bradley of Los Angeles in1984 awarded Repertory Arts the honor of representing the Los Angeles Olympic Games as Ambassadors during our first International Tour.

Zan Zetina

Jon Johnson Died on January 24, 2002. Zan Zetina, became Executive Director of Repertory Dance Theatre of Los Angeles, and continues in that position.



6752 3rd Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90043, USA || 323.751.3307

Repertory Arts is a recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization