A special and heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Parnes, for their years of support and friendship to RDToLA. The generosity of the Parnes family gave action and funding to the vision and beginnings of RDToLA, which led to world-traveled performances for audiences that experienced the talent and the talented company of African Americans dancers. With support from their donations and fundraising, RDToLA successfully toured the globe and created programs for local youth to begin to fulfill their dreams. Mr. and Mrs. Parnes were true patrons of the arts. RDToLA and Repertory Arts will never forget the many lives they helped to illuminate and become stars, and who now inspire the next generation of artists, mentors, and dancers. 

 Joel Talbert

Co Founder, RDToLA

6752 3rd Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90043, USA || 323.751.3307

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